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English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.

English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Sandi Dunn Julie Bailey is a hero. She (and people like her without egos and questionable motivation with clear vision and common sense) is who should be running NHS. NB It is a pity you did not ask Julie about the terrible way she has been treated by some local people involved with that Mid Staffs hospital since she started her campaign. They are people who cannot get their NATIONALISTIC smug, complacent heads around the fact that the UK NHS model IS NOT THE BEST IN THE WORLD.
  • Sandi Dunn And your researchers should go look close to home in EU and find out (for context for your listeners) what their NHSs people think about what is going on in UK…. That could be interesting don’t you think?

A short, not to be missed Thought for the @!***%@ Day from ‘Chunky Mark’ aka ‘the artist taxi driver’. Not to everyone’s taste but he makes a refreshing change to the daily blah blah on The Today Prog. What are the chances of having him on as an economics talking head in the dull 6 to 7am slot which would wake up Downing street hahaha!

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