English: A UK scholboy wears a traditional gre...

English: A UK scholboy wears a traditional grey school shorts uniform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Minister for education Gove, should get philosophy and talking about issues on the curriculum for twelve-year olds (as this lad is) in the UK too! And Get British school teachers to show this film to British kids of same age. Teachers in UK rarely talk to kids of this age with respect and wisdom – as equals – as kids would be were they given the chance to voice opinions. UK schooling It is chiefly about the bloody tie and school uniform… and manipulation of the league tables for a few measly GCSEs at end of it all. Either that, or patronising them, OR/and giving detentions etc for ridiculous reasons…. with not much to show for any of it by 16! I mean, after 11 years full-time school they should be able to have opinions and speak as clearly as this 12 year old Egyptian boy at least. I do like his hairstyle…. haha


Hummus For Thought

This video has gone viral on Arab social media and no question as to why.

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