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re whistleblowers’ plight: Assange, Manning and Snowdon but is being studiously ignored by BBC it seems – I wonder why? Snowdon’s father on American TV ABC


Julian Assange (1)

Julian Assange (1) (Photo credit: bbwbryant)

I thought you might like to read an exchange I had on the BBC Radio 4  Today  programme Face Book Page  I had today:

John Kemp Who on earth cares what the rape suspect Assange skulking in his cupboard thinks about anything? Shame on you BBC for leading on this.

Sandi Dunn John Kemp: if you really think Assange committed rape then you are a fool who hasn’t bothered to read all the ins and outs of what went on/goes on between USA and Sweden – the details are all there if you can be bothered to apply yourself….but 3 facts stand out 1) the main accuser of so called rape insisted that the condom used was split deliberately – hence rape in Sweden. However, the condom she handed in as evidence had no ones dna on it after several tests. 2) The respected Women Against Rape wrote to the press laying out their reasons for not believing in the rape story. 3) As all the recent abuse stories show a ‘rapist’ or an abuser is unlikely to have been a ‘one off’ kind of fellow. It follows that A rapist in their 40’s would more likely than not have had some history of abuse. But noone has come out of the wood work with any stories of Assange abusing them – even though there could have been money in telling such a story.

Sandi Dunn Ctnd.. Assange is wanted in USA. It is the reason Manning was tortured and kept illegally on remand way overlegal time limit – they wanted him to break and say that Assange knew who he was and so was ‘guilty’ too as the publisher of the files. They want Assange because he had the where with all to decode the files meaning he could release the evidence against USA in the film ‘Collateral Murder’ which is what pissed of the USA . If Assange goes back to Sweden their Right Wing leaning government will rendition him to USA. I believe Sweden is beholden to USA for lucrative electronic contracts etc etc All this, Snowden too, is an outrage against whistle blowing and the free press. All the top papers published the ‘stolen’ files too so are equally ‘guilty’ are they not?

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BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the ...

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the head of Regent Street, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following is my contribution to the debate on radio 4 right now as sent today to The Today Programme FaceBook page:

“What is it about 6 years of Primary teaching that so many kids haven’t reached ‘benchmarks’ in reading, writing and arithmetic – all of which could be taught in one year to ANY child. – I have observed how quickly any child from any background teach themselves to operate computers and can seriously speed type while texting!? Ans: classes are too big and there is too much casual scolding which cripples a child’s confidence… imagine, you or me in a class at adult college being ticked off for some petty thing or other or not grasping a concept: would you go back to that class and teacher? Get cameras into classrooms and let’s see what really goes on.

And many of the failing NEETS kids around here are amazingly astute at drug dealing and coming up with whizzes and wheezes for going about their business undetected….

Why is UK more or less the only country that allows kids to go too early into secondary and then, even if they haven’t reached benchmarks, meaning that they will never keep up – when most countries hold kids back until they can handle secondary?

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Vanessa
 Re Thatcher’s legacy?
Yes the 1970’s were grim but going for global economics as the answer wrecked the quality of life in those countries where our industry was outsourced to  while ordinary people here were shoved onto ‘the sick’ to keep them out of unemployment figures – hence the benefit row today!
Meanwhile.  The council house sell off is a terrible irony in that where I live in NW1 most are now owned by foreign investment companies who are renting them back to the homeless families on council lists at inflated market rents – that the taxpayer pays for – not really very clever is it?
I learned the term ‘Working poor’ around 10 years ago from a Scandinavian friend who said it was a well-known term in their country  to describe life in Britain.
Thatcher’s and Blair’s way has left us the poorest in EU while we are taxed the highest.  We are the worst and most expensively housed, our kids are said  to be two years behind kids  in European schools – especially in 3 r’s and languages, we have the biggest drug use and abuse, the worst NHS in EU  (we came 17th, down with Rumania in WHO figures), worst single parent stats and worst attitude to things like conservation,  insulation and  heating homes with elderly dying early through cold,  worst air quality, causing premature death and lung problems.  Lowest minimum wage,  I could go on!  So, why not read out this list of the reality of  life today in UK  to all the Thatcher admirers as they call in.  Some legacy!
Sandi in Camden
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