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re whistleblowers’ plight: Assange, Manning and Snowdon but is being studiously ignored by BBC it seems – I wonder why? Snowdon’s father on American TV ABC


Julian Assange (1)

Julian Assange (1) (Photo credit: bbwbryant)

I thought you might like to read an exchange I had on the BBC Radio 4  Today  programme Face Book Page  I had today:

John Kemp Who on earth cares what the rape suspect Assange skulking in his cupboard thinks about anything? Shame on you BBC for leading on this.

Sandi Dunn John Kemp: if you really think Assange committed rape then you are a fool who hasn’t bothered to read all the ins and outs of what went on/goes on between USA and Sweden – the details are all there if you can be bothered to apply yourself….but 3 facts stand out 1) the main accuser of so called rape insisted that the condom used was split deliberately – hence rape in Sweden. However, the condom she handed in as evidence had no ones dna on it after several tests. 2) The respected Women Against Rape wrote to the press laying out their reasons for not believing in the rape story. 3) As all the recent abuse stories show a ‘rapist’ or an abuser is unlikely to have been a ‘one off’ kind of fellow. It follows that A rapist in their 40’s would more likely than not have had some history of abuse. But noone has come out of the wood work with any stories of Assange abusing them – even though there could have been money in telling such a story.

Sandi Dunn Ctnd.. Assange is wanted in USA. It is the reason Manning was tortured and kept illegally on remand way overlegal time limit – they wanted him to break and say that Assange knew who he was and so was ‘guilty’ too as the publisher of the files. They want Assange because he had the where with all to decode the files meaning he could release the evidence against USA in the film ‘Collateral Murder’ which is what pissed of the USA . If Assange goes back to Sweden their Right Wing leaning government will rendition him to USA. I believe Sweden is beholden to USA for lucrative electronic contracts etc etc All this, Snowden too, is an outrage against whistle blowing and the free press. All the top papers published the ‘stolen’ files too so are equally ‘guilty’ are they not?

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English: A UK scholboy wears a traditional gre...

English: A UK scholboy wears a traditional grey school shorts uniform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Minister for education Gove, should get philosophy and talking about issues on the curriculum for twelve-year olds (as this lad is) in the UK too! And Get British school teachers to show this film to British kids of same age. Teachers in UK rarely talk to kids of this age with respect and wisdom – as equals – as kids would be were they given the chance to voice opinions. UK schooling It is chiefly about the bloody tie and school uniform… and manipulation of the league tables for a few measly GCSEs at end of it all. Either that, or patronising them, OR/and giving detentions etc for ridiculous reasons…. with not much to show for any of it by 16! I mean, after 11 years full-time school they should be able to have opinions and speak as clearly as this 12 year old Egyptian boy at least. I do like his hairstyle…. haha


Hummus For Thought

This video has gone viral on Arab social media and no question as to why.

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Boris Johnson being interviewed during London ...

Boris Johnson being interviewed during London Freewheel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just sent this email to LBC radio (London radio station) as they are discussing it  now!

Boris‘ vanity, ‘Routemaster‘ bus is a scandal and a joke. It’s air conditioning failed today on the buses and there are no  windows that open! Just imagine in summer heat!  The price of each bus is a joke too, one-third of a million pounds EACH!  please ask Y he went ahead with this  when the rest of the bus fleet pours out particulates (taxis too) so that we have the most dangerous air to breathe in EU. Paris‘ buses all run on Aqua-diesel which is much less polluting;  he should have spent this fortune organising the same for Londoners!  The back open platform is ridiculous too as we passengers will have to pay for a health and safety guy to stand on each bus to stop us jumping on and off the platform.  Also, I read that the bus companies would not pay for the buses as they did not want them, so WE are paying for them – so, what about that considering that the privates bus companies will  keep the fares!  Boris, like his bus, is a poor joke.


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Sandi Dunn
Retweeted Rory Bremner (@rorybremner):

Really enjoyed this: Russell Brand aka @rustyrockets interviewed by Jon Snow. Warning: contains spirituality
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BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the ...

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the head of Regent Street, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


June 2013


Previous logo of BBC Radio 4 until 2007

Previous logo of BBC Radio 4 until 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is Tuesday morning 18-6-13 @ 7.30.  I am just listening to The BBC Radio 4 Today programme (on every morning 6 – 9 am), I have just placed the following thought on to their FaceBook page: If anyone reading this blog knows the ins and outs of taking out an Islamic ‘mortgage’ please let me know as I want to write about it?  Thanks:
Sandi Dunn Who was that smooth talking (B’stard) mortgage guy on just now egging us all on into another stupid capitalist bubble – never mind the idiocy of paying compound interest. And the Today interviewer was pathetic! It was a commercial on BBC radio in effect!! Isn’t taking on a mortgage the single, most stupid way of housing oneself and family? Why don’t we (friends and family) lend each other interest free money (as it is, now sitting in all our bank accounts) so as to buy or build a house or small apartment outright? Or, borrow from an Islamic bank. Why isn’t The Today programme promoting that idea? Has anyone on this blog any experience of having an Islamic ‘mortgage’?

Sharia compliant Islamic mortgage alternatives from the Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB). Halal banking you can believe in. Visit now”

Listening to LBC at the mo with people phoning in re nightmare mortgage questions… what an interesting mess…! There has to be a better way considering MORT Gage translates more or less into ‘DEATH cage’. It’s funny to hear Laszlo’s story that in Communist Hungary times everyone in his village owned their homes and no one had even heard of mortgages. They just had an informal co-op whereby every one helped each other build their homes and the village kids/boys learned skills by helping for pocket-money. What suckers we are not to be more cooperative – although it is artificial land values that confound the situation in UK causing our ridiculous housing problems.

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Vanessa
 Re Thatcher’s legacy?
Yes the 1970’s were grim but going for global economics as the answer wrecked the quality of life in those countries where our industry was outsourced to  while ordinary people here were shoved onto ‘the sick’ to keep them out of unemployment figures – hence the benefit row today!
Meanwhile.  The council house sell off is a terrible irony in that where I live in NW1 most are now owned by foreign investment companies who are renting them back to the homeless families on council lists at inflated market rents – that the taxpayer pays for – not really very clever is it?
I learned the term ‘Working poor’ around 10 years ago from a Scandinavian friend who said it was a well-known term in their country  to describe life in Britain.
Thatcher’s and Blair’s way has left us the poorest in EU while we are taxed the highest.  We are the worst and most expensively housed, our kids are said  to be two years behind kids  in European schools – especially in 3 r’s and languages, we have the biggest drug use and abuse, the worst NHS in EU  (we came 17th, down with Rumania in WHO figures), worst single parent stats and worst attitude to things like conservation,  insulation and  heating homes with elderly dying early through cold,  worst air quality, causing premature death and lung problems.  Lowest minimum wage,  I could go on!  So, why not read out this list of the reality of  life today in UK  to all the Thatcher admirers as they call in.  Some legacy!
Sandi in Camden
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