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Graph of real house prices in the United Kingd...

Graph of real house prices in the United Kingdom, adjusted for changes in the ONS’s Retail Price Index. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 hours ago near London

Good morning. At 0810, house prices are rising again – a clear sign of a turnaround in the property market? At 0750, prescriptions for Ritalin and other performance-enhancing drugs have increased by 56% in five years. And at 0730, there will be protests today, at various railway stations, against higher rail fares. With Evan Davis and Justin Webb.


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  • Marko Pubdad All this talk of “good news” because house prices have gone up, is surely only good news if you are selling yours! and even then presumably you have to buy another that has gone up as well! all it does is take the possibility of home ownership further away from people that have had their wages frozen or reduced! in addition it puts even more pressure on the already over inflated and in short supply rented sector! not good news in my book! and just serves to prove just how out of touch these presenters, reporters and politicians are!!
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  • Allan Atkinson never could stomach the Tory alignment of ‘property owning’ and ‘democracy’… and current increases in London owe more than a little to foreigners buying flats off-plan
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  • David Norris I agree that rising property values is not good news. High housing costs is perhaps the principal reason why so many people are in financial difficulties, and it will get worse when eventually interest rates start to rise. We can only hope that the rise will encourage an increase in supply.
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  • Helen Avery Please hurry back, JH; these two are beyond irritating..
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  • Stuart Aylmer When/if the bubble bursts what new liabilities will have to be met by the taxpayer under the mortgage guarantee scheme? Interests rates can rise and prices can fall. Will we be shovelling public money to private speculators again?
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  • Alice Fearns House prices rise when already 30% of the population don’t earn enough to buy – a land grab by companies building up a rental stock, so we are going back to the poverty of Victorian England. Wasn’t the crash caused by a real estate bubble? Sadly, no political party will tackle the real problems because all their financial consultants are making millions out of the poverty of most of the population
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  • Alice Fearns Why does nobody point out that with higher rail fares, the unemployed can’t afford to get to interviews? and no, the companies helping them back to work don’t pay, it would have to come out of their profit margins – another government scam
  • Marcus Carding Agree with most other comments. It’s not higher property prices that the country needs, but more well-built, affordable housing. It’s pretty clear now that the market is not going to provide, so we more than ever need a planned programme of housebuilding by the government. I agree that we should not want to build over anymore of the countryside than we need to, but neither should we fetishise ‘green belt’. With no signs of a slowdown in population growth, we may have to accept that towns will go on encroaching into rural areas. Finding some way of harmonising human habitation more with its environment may be the only long-term solution which does not mean concrete’ing over the landscape.
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  • Rob Kenyon “house prices are rising again – a clear sign of a turnaround in the property market?” No. Just a dose of castor oil working on a patient still addicted to hard-boiled eggs. Don’t build Shards and other billionaire playthings, build homes for people.
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  • Julius Bannister Build houses, pure and simple. Hire British workers to build them. Use British materials perhaps? It is odd that we are often told that we’ll have to build 5 new towns the size of Birmingham over the next few years. Why? Oh yeah, that’s right….
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  • Sandi Dunn Aren’t most of the London flat/house purchasers billionaires domiciled in Singapore China etc buying ‘off plan’ (where our money seems to have ended up thanks to the wonders of global capitalism). They don’t know where next to ‘invest’ their fraudulently gained wealth, so, it seems, ‘buy to let’ is the thing in ‘no rules’ UK – with the bottom line promise that their rent charges eventually will be picked up by British Taxpayers via rent subsidies – even for those working! Otherwise, it seems we are heading for shanty towns in a city ‘donut’, which actually already exists in London environs… known as ‘Shed Bed lettings’) … Osbourne, Brown et al could not have thought of a more stupid system if they’d tried. Who can we vote for next time round is a real problem don’t you think?


re whistleblowers’ plight: Assange, Manning and Snowdon but is being studiously ignored by BBC it seems – I wonder why? Snowdon’s father on American TV ABC


Julian Assange (1)

Julian Assange (1) (Photo credit: bbwbryant)

I thought you might like to read an exchange I had on the BBC Radio 4  Today  programme Face Book Page  I had today:

John Kemp Who on earth cares what the rape suspect Assange skulking in his cupboard thinks about anything? Shame on you BBC for leading on this.

Sandi Dunn John Kemp: if you really think Assange committed rape then you are a fool who hasn’t bothered to read all the ins and outs of what went on/goes on between USA and Sweden – the details are all there if you can be bothered to apply yourself….but 3 facts stand out 1) the main accuser of so called rape insisted that the condom used was split deliberately – hence rape in Sweden. However, the condom she handed in as evidence had no ones dna on it after several tests. 2) The respected Women Against Rape wrote to the press laying out their reasons for not believing in the rape story. 3) As all the recent abuse stories show a ‘rapist’ or an abuser is unlikely to have been a ‘one off’ kind of fellow. It follows that A rapist in their 40’s would more likely than not have had some history of abuse. But noone has come out of the wood work with any stories of Assange abusing them – even though there could have been money in telling such a story.

Sandi Dunn Ctnd.. Assange is wanted in USA. It is the reason Manning was tortured and kept illegally on remand way overlegal time limit – they wanted him to break and say that Assange knew who he was and so was ‘guilty’ too as the publisher of the files. They want Assange because he had the where with all to decode the files meaning he could release the evidence against USA in the film ‘Collateral Murder’ which is what pissed of the USA . If Assange goes back to Sweden their Right Wing leaning government will rendition him to USA. I believe Sweden is beholden to USA for lucrative electronic contracts etc etc All this, Snowden too, is an outrage against whistle blowing and the free press. All the top papers published the ‘stolen’ files too so are equally ‘guilty’ are they not?

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BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the ...

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the head of Regent Street, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following is my contribution to the debate on radio 4 right now as sent today to The Today Programme FaceBook page:

“What is it about 6 years of Primary teaching that so many kids haven’t reached ‘benchmarks’ in reading, writing and arithmetic – all of which could be taught in one year to ANY child. – I have observed how quickly any child from any background teach themselves to operate computers and can seriously speed type while texting!? Ans: classes are too big and there is too much casual scolding which cripples a child’s confidence… imagine, you or me in a class at adult college being ticked off for some petty thing or other or not grasping a concept: would you go back to that class and teacher? Get cameras into classrooms and let’s see what really goes on.

And many of the failing NEETS kids around here are amazingly astute at drug dealing and coming up with whizzes and wheezes for going about their business undetected….

Why is UK more or less the only country that allows kids to go too early into secondary and then, even if they haven’t reached benchmarks, meaning that they will never keep up – when most countries hold kids back until they can handle secondary?

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the ...

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the head of Regent Street, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


June 2013


Previous logo of BBC Radio 4 until 2007

Previous logo of BBC Radio 4 until 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is Tuesday morning 18-6-13 @ 7.30.  I am just listening to The BBC Radio 4 Today programme (on every morning 6 – 9 am), I have just placed the following thought on to their FaceBook page: If anyone reading this blog knows the ins and outs of taking out an Islamic ‘mortgage’ please let me know as I want to write about it?  Thanks:
Sandi Dunn Who was that smooth talking (B’stard) mortgage guy on just now egging us all on into another stupid capitalist bubble – never mind the idiocy of paying compound interest. And the Today interviewer was pathetic! It was a commercial on BBC radio in effect!! Isn’t taking on a mortgage the single, most stupid way of housing oneself and family? Why don’t we (friends and family) lend each other interest free money (as it is, now sitting in all our bank accounts) so as to buy or build a house or small apartment outright? Or, borrow from an Islamic bank. Why isn’t The Today programme promoting that idea? Has anyone on this blog any experience of having an Islamic ‘mortgage’?

Sharia compliant Islamic mortgage alternatives from the Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB). Halal banking you can believe in. Visit now”


As sent to Radio 4’s More or Less prog: Please can you look at today’s news story re a Professor Carpenter and his team who states that a baby sleeping with its mum (co sleeping) is more likely to suffer sudden death syndrome or ‘cot’ death than if it had slept in a ‘cot’.   It is particularly worrying as the Government are using his ‘evidence’ to advice mothers.  I heard him speak at length on the Vanessa  show yet he did not say anything that convinced me or most listeners. The debate is on Vanessa Feltz‘s Face Book page and can be heard on Listen again – BBC London radio 21 May 2013 9-12 mid day.

For example he said nothing to explain why  other babies in the study who had also died (but in cots etc) had died…Surely his line  of reasoning would  suggest that the other babies (not co sleeping) who died, died as a  result of sleeping in cots. . so logically we should not be putting them to sleep in cots?? But I did not get the chance to put that to him.

At my phoned in suggestion that it could therefore  be pure coincidence (a red herring) that the  babies  died while co sleeping and that if they had been put to sleep anywhere they may have died  –  for same ‘usual’  mysterious reasons.  He then made a bizarre analogy saying that children may die whether or not a fireguard is placed in front of a fire!

It is an important study for your programme  to look into for we are a pro co sleeping family among many and this is more popular than ever.  There are many references on the Facebook exchange which rubbish this study – also several professional callers in.

Animals seem not to lose their babies by co sleeping.  I believe The Government asked for the survey and will be using the results to give advice to new mothers.  Can you help with this please?


Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Vanessa
 Re Thatcher’s legacy?
Yes the 1970’s were grim but going for global economics as the answer wrecked the quality of life in those countries where our industry was outsourced to  while ordinary people here were shoved onto ‘the sick’ to keep them out of unemployment figures – hence the benefit row today!
Meanwhile.  The council house sell off is a terrible irony in that where I live in NW1 most are now owned by foreign investment companies who are renting them back to the homeless families on council lists at inflated market rents – that the taxpayer pays for – not really very clever is it?
I learned the term ‘Working poor’ around 10 years ago from a Scandinavian friend who said it was a well-known term in their country  to describe life in Britain.
Thatcher’s and Blair’s way has left us the poorest in EU while we are taxed the highest.  We are the worst and most expensively housed, our kids are said  to be two years behind kids  in European schools – especially in 3 r’s and languages, we have the biggest drug use and abuse, the worst NHS in EU  (we came 17th, down with Rumania in WHO figures), worst single parent stats and worst attitude to things like conservation,  insulation and  heating homes with elderly dying early through cold,  worst air quality, causing premature death and lung problems.  Lowest minimum wage,  I could go on!  So, why not read out this list of the reality of  life today in UK  to all the Thatcher admirers as they call in.  Some legacy!
Sandi in Camden
  • My comments below as sent to Radio 4’s The Today Programme, FB page, this morning after hearing Cameron’s ‘big’ speech re ‘ in out shake it all about, hokey cokey ‘ on Europe etc   
  • I remember hearing a Norwegian explaining why they did not want to join EU – because they did not want to have to lessen or dilute their excellent standard of living. It was funny/ironic because the Tories were there in Norway trying to get them as allies in some negative way – reason being that they (tories) of course did not want our standard of living to come UP to member states. E.g David Cameron today had the nerve to reference the EU’s ‘interference’ in the matter of doctors hours being controlled – for pity’s sake. Did anyone else catch that? He wants to return to 100 hours a week junior doctors with no Health and Safety concerns for docs or patients – not that there are many at the mo judging by last night’s File on Four prog.
  •  Sandi Dunn Can others like minded, on this page, write to Radio 4 controller Gwyneth Williams to get The Today Programme to include a daily unbiased slot on European news generally, plus in and outs of EU per se. A Yesterday in EU parliament type thing would be a useful start?
  •  Sandi Dunn While the EU bureaucracy is a worrying thing It would be more scary for me were we run solely by unleashed Eton boys – and/or similar others (we gave labour 3 terms and look what happened). But, were the EU to turn on Cameron and UKIP and say “we’re bored with Brits, just EFF Off” then”, would there then be a clamour to stay in? And then what would Nigel Farange do for dosh in his old age? Let’s start a campaign for (no party) Independents and Greens


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