Who am I and why me?  I am mother of five  grown children and now a grand mother.

I love to write, travel (also CouchSurf) cook and garden on my prizewinning balcony in central London near Camden Town (see a photo).    I get fired up by politics and issues (ideally Green) but NOT by party politics – which I believe are the reason for our moribund,  failing democracy.  I prefer to vote for  Independents and/or Greens.

I do like a good laugh too – especially at son number 3 Christian Lee’s shows where he does comedy magic at clubs like Madam Jojo’s and Cafe de Paris etc ….

I am an ardent fan of the Max Keiser show on RT as there I  learn about and  follow the fraudulent activities of the financial sector and banks – and not least – how the politicians keep the fraud going through lax legislation and by giving away our tax money to those people at the top of that sector! Max and Stacy are (hilarious)  ex Wall Street insiders so know of what they speak!

I listen to Radio 4, 5 and sometimes BBC London – also LBC (London’s Big Conversation) which is  better than some people think!