The House - in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, Hackney...  minus dogs but where, particularly, dogs off lead have become an issue.

The House – in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, Hackney… minus dogs but where, particularly, dogs off lead have become an issue.


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Oh dear, today’s issue for me is a row between those who want dogs kept on tight leads and some (most) dog obsessed people who feel entitled to have their dogs off lead and rollicking around  in the lovely cafe space in Clissold park (and generally in other beauty spots too)!  Here follows my FINAL comment on the issue I published on their page. I have received a fair bit of slagging from dog ‘owners’ and those who want to appease them.

“Anyway, what is this obsession with owning dogs in cities all about really? A city/town house or flat is not the right place for a happy dog life is it! My new (Hackney) neighbour has a pit bull type that literally just goes into her back yard to poo etc and is not taken out of the house at all – other neighbours in Camden did the same. an extreme end of a generally sick, dog obsessed spectrum maybe… But !”

And here is the original FB comment that triggered the debate….

From Sue Heal 
Perhaps you can help. For the second time recently we had to leave the cafe at the House because of several loose dogs roaming around the outside tables and making a nuisance of themselves. This time I nearly had a Staffy climb into my lap! I asked the owner to put it on a lead as per the rules. He refused. The rather sweet but totally ineffectual guy running the caf said dogs had to be on leads there and he would have a word – he either didn’t or was ignored. I want to take this up the cappuchino chain – who to ?? Tx

And, here is an example of the vitriol towards my suggestion for keeping dogs on tight leads in public parks (at the very least)  from one particular dog obsessed owner: Iggy send me the following:

Iggy Aga Ugo to Sandi Dunn you need to get a life and stop scare mongering the only dangerous animals are humans like you, yes it is anal people like you that make it anal!!!

Which sums up what we are dealing with – and there’s more in that vein! Check out the comments there and do leave your views here for me to take to the Clissold Park User group’s future meeting.  Thanks