Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Vanessa
 Re Thatcher’s legacy?
Yes the 1970’s were grim but going for global economics as the answer wrecked the quality of life in those countries where our industry was outsourced to  while ordinary people here were shoved onto ‘the sick’ to keep them out of unemployment figures – hence the benefit row today!
Meanwhile.  The council house sell off is a terrible irony in that where I live in NW1 most are now owned by foreign investment companies who are renting them back to the homeless families on council lists at inflated market rents – that the taxpayer pays for – not really very clever is it?
I learned the term ‘Working poor’ around 10 years ago from a Scandinavian friend who said it was a well-known term in their country  to describe life in Britain.
Thatcher’s and Blair’s way has left us the poorest in EU while we are taxed the highest.  We are the worst and most expensively housed, our kids are said  to be two years behind kids  in European schools – especially in 3 r’s and languages, we have the biggest drug use and abuse, the worst NHS in EU  (we came 17th, down with Rumania in WHO figures), worst single parent stats and worst attitude to things like conservation,  insulation and  heating homes with elderly dying early through cold,  worst air quality, causing premature death and lung problems.  Lowest minimum wage,  I could go on!  So, why not read out this list of the reality of  life today in UK  to all the Thatcher admirers as they call in.  Some legacy!
Sandi in Camden