As I just emailed to my Sister, who’d emailed to me that she was meeting her friends tonight for an evening at the cinema:

” I haven’t been to the cinema for ages so now I’m torn between going up to Swiss Cottage library or the cinema in Camden… or Sadler’s Wells for a £10 ticket to the Flamingo season there, prob missed that as starts at 7… or La Soiree Cabaret for a standing ticket for £15, down in a Spiegal Tent on the South Bank which starts at 8 – or to the laundrette, as I have some big (grubby) cotton rugs sitting in a pile by the door that I have been meaning to take all day, yesterday too (when i ended up, instead, wining and dining with Laszlo).  And all day today  I have been snoozing on and off, to get over Lisa’s birthday party (too much Prosecco) while listening to the radio… and on this computer trying to work out if I can download pod casts via my system onto my new waterproof MP3 player for use while swimming…as my original intention was to go to the YMCA for a swim!!!! We are lucky to have so many choices are we not??”

lots of love Sandi x