Whoaaaa! Tantric Sex @ 8am on  BBC The Today Prog, how very naughty Evan Davis. Did you get your wrist slapped by editor? Haha. Yes, I heard PM David Cameron say this too (about his Euro in/out speech) and I  did a double take at the very thought of Cameron at it! Did Steve Bell make anything of that slip of tongue I wonder?

 Re the issue of a Black list of ‘trouble makers’ in the building industry: Doctor flipping Who now? Why no question asking Tories about the principle of whistleblowers (in McAlpine’s fiefdom) being protected by law? What happened to that promise?

 Re File on Four programme on Radio 4 last night: And Editors: how about a follow up of the revelations re File on Four prog last night, clearly showing (as 40 years ago when I was nursing at Gt Yarmouth General) in 2013 no 24/7 cover in NHS meaning: No Health and Safety Exec control of hospitals and seemingly no legal requirement of a Duty of Care to patients, who pay into this system all our lives whether we use it or not? Junior docs faffing around is the best one can expect after 5pm and weekends = unnecessary deaths of ‘you and yours’ result and who cares?

 On NHS/hospitals (not on Today btw) We are in EU so I suggest during 3 long hours, The Today Prog, squeeze in a daily report to reflect this instead the like of Doctor Who and similar? EG: from our UK off shore bubble, today I’d be interested to know if EU hospitals operate the same unsafe system as reported in last night’s File on Four programme? Does anyone know?