• My comments below as sent to Radio 4’s The Today Programme, FB page, this morning after hearing Cameron’s ‘big’ speech re ‘ in out shake it all about, hokey cokey ‘ on Europe etc   
  • I remember hearing a Norwegian explaining why they did not want to join EU – because they did not want to have to lessen or dilute their excellent standard of living. It was funny/ironic because the Tories were there in Norway trying to get them as allies in some negative way – reason being that they (tories) of course did not want our standard of living to come UP to member states. E.g David Cameron today had the nerve to reference the EU’s ‘interference’ in the matter of doctors hours being controlled – for pity’s sake. Did anyone else catch that? He wants to return to 100 hours a week junior doctors with no Health and Safety concerns for docs or patients – not that there are many at the mo judging by last night’s File on Four prog.
  •  Sandi Dunn Can others like minded, on this page, write to Radio 4 controller Gwyneth Williams to get The Today Programme to include a daily unbiased slot on European news generally, plus in and outs of EU per se. A Yesterday in EU parliament type thing would be a useful start?
  •  Sandi Dunn While the EU bureaucracy is a worrying thing It would be more scary for me were we run solely by unleashed Eton boys – and/or similar others (we gave labour 3 terms and look what happened). But, were the EU to turn on Cameron and UKIP and say “we’re bored with Brits, just EFF Off” then”, would there then be a clamour to stay in? And then what would Nigel Farange do for dosh in his old age? Let’s start a campaign for (no party) Independents and Greens