Re The Keiser show below… I believe that Max Keiser was chucked off his BBC World programme for telling too much truth and too clearly… The BBC prefer the ‘rhetorical’ waffling Robert Peston to ‘inform’ you (not)

Do watch the weekly Keiser Report (which, btw includes top economists, also sometimes The Artist Black cab taxi driver who is good at ‘cutting the crap’ surronding economics! This is the easiest place where you can find out what is really going on with your wealth – before it all disappears down that special tax drainhole otherwise known as bankers’ infinite bailouts and ‘quantative easing’/ printing money, and then sucked off and away to add to the offshore trillions, where it ceases to circulate, but has the effect of keeping ‘the top few beneficiaries’ in big big power!

Meanwhile, our ‘democratic’ (not) economies are now being run by unelected Technocrats (Italy, Greece and could be here soon…) so that the IMF et al, through these technocrat’ unelected Prime ministers, can do their austerity trickery (remember nothing goes through the parliaments) and worse, who in fact are ex Goldman Sachs etc type CEo’s sent in by IMF to gobble up every good thing in Europe that ordinary people worked their asses off for – especially post ww2.

btw, Iceland sent the IMF packing which is why their recovery is not being reported in mainstream news! Quell surprise! But, I am concerned that Max and Stacy Herbert (who are ex Wall Street traders who saw the light – or dark) have not been rounded up by the USA ‘mafia’ as ‘enemies of the state’ and slung into the likes of Guantanamo….PS consider this: what the IMF et al did for Africa during past 40 or 50 years is now planned for us!